Britney Spears And Ellen DeGeneres ‘Crash’ The Mall | TV News



Being a celebrity comes with a lot of perks. That’s what Ellen DeGeneres made sure people understand when she visited the Westfield Fashion Square mall, together with Britney Spears. The two of them took over the mall and did all kinds of weird things, simply because…they are famous!


From parking wherever to stealing overpriced bags and clothes, celeb life sure looks fun! And when it comes to teaching the parents what’s right for their kids, leave that to Ellen: “The most important thing; start auditioning them early, start putting them on diets, get them facials, get massages… If you want to be taken care of by your children, start auditioning them now!”


But while the TV host ran around wreaking havoc at the mall, Spears seemed a bit reluctant to pull the celebrity card. Even so, the singer did appear to enjoy her dinner at Pottery Barn before taking a nap on one of its beds. Watch the hilarious segment from The Ellen DeGeneres Show below, but do not try these at you local mall:




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