Freaky New Trailer For ‘My Entire High School Sinking Into The Sea’ | Film Trailer


“The world is a baron and a horrible place, isn’ it? These kids are the only hope left”.


My Entire High School Sinking Into The Sea is the new animated dark comedy by Dash Show. The story follows young teens preparing to start a new year at their small town high school until their world starts to fall into complete chaos, sinking in the ocean.


Kids are the future. Although, not a fairly new idea, it seems more relevant than ever in the midst of the current political climate. If new reforms are taking place, shouldn’t the people that will live to see them, have something to say?


This is celebrated US cartoonist Dash Show‘s first feature. Show is known for his smart and witty graphic novels such as Bottomless Belly Button and webcomic, BodyWorld.


My Entire High School… received much acclaim at the Toronto International Film Festival, the New York Film Festival, the Berlin Film Festival and AFI Fest last year. The film was deemed inventive, weird, hilarious and unique by critics.


Following a 2017 Berlin Film Festival, filled with political statement, it is safe to say that films are needed more than ever!


The characters are voiced by no others than Jason Schwartzman, Lena Dunham, Reggie Watts, Maya Rudolph and Susan Sarandon, among others. The film is scheduled to be released in the US on April 14.


“We are going to need a new plan”.




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