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CF_00386_R_CROP (l to r) Actor Charlie Shotwell and Director Matt Ross discuss a scene on the set of their film CAPTAIN FANTASTIC, a Bleecker Street release. Credit: Wilson Webb / Bleecker Street


Actor-turned-director, Matt Ross, having recently hit the jackpot with his critically acclaimed Captain Fantastic that secured Viggo Mortensen an Oscar nomination for Best Actor, has lined up his next project.


Ross is set to adapt Tomorrow And Tomorrow, a sci-fi thriller written by Tom Sweterlitsch:


“The futuristic thriller set in the near future after a mysterious explosion has wiped out the city of Pittsburgh and rendered it uninhabitable. The city is then recreated as a virtual reality named the Archive. John Dominic Blaxton, already damaged due to losing his wife and child, stumbles across the apparent murder of a woman whose every appearance is deliberately being deleted from the Archive”.


That sounds pretty spectacular. Part-Matrix, part-Blade Runner, and a very timely project considering the wave of virtual reality now arriving. Ross seems to agree. In a statement, he said:


Tomorrow and Tomorrow is prescient, it posits a world not so dissimilar from today, a direction we are all clearly headed, where technology has altered the ways in which we interact with each other and the world around us. I hope to examine, following the book’s lead, the degree to which our lives are enhanced, and deeply compromised, by the technology that is already an inseparable part of our daily existence”.


TriStar will produce the film, with President Hannah Mingella adding:


“The triumph of Captain Fantastic is that it is at once funny, emotional and thought provoking[…]It’s Matt’s interest in exploring the complex intersection of technology with morality and love that makes his vision for Tomorrow and Tomorrow especially compelling”.


If Ross can harness the same magic he captured with Captain Fantastic and create something that lives up to the potential of that exciting premise, he could assert himself as the next great contemporary director. The future is waiting.



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