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Introducing the new single from Freddie Dickson titled “News”. Showcasing a very good voice with its special timbre, Dickson uses his aggressive interpretation but remains always confident in his own art. The song starts with Dickson’s warm voice accompanied by piano chords and choral voices. Afterwards, come the drums which give the song some added flesh, and we can also hear a second echo voice of Dickson in the background.


The chorus brings more tension in the music, with Dickson showing more controlled aggression in his voice as “News” progresses. The song ends like the beginning as we go back to only Dickson’s voice and accompanying piano arrangements. “News” is a beautiful song with lots of expression from the singer, it is also a nice musical effort with excellent accompaniments including echoes, piano, choral voices. This new young artist is worth listening to – keep an eye out for when his next live gigs are, and listen to “News” below.




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