Fredo + Dave – All I Ever Wanted | Music Video


The last time these two artists joined forces, it resulted in a number one single. Now the phenom pairing of Fredo and Dave are back for another joint track, bringing the same magic from “Funky Friday“. With West London rapper Fredo’s debut album Third Avenue officially out, along with it comes the visual for new single “All I Ever Wanted“.


“All I Ever Wanted” is the true narrative effort that we have been waiting for from these two for some time; the emotive storytelling track that recounts the rappers’ earlier days. Fredo doesn’t let up with the grit and neither does Dave over the haunting production. And it doesn’t disappoint.


Klvdr directs the cinematic visuals that see a young representation of Fredo living a street life in graphic detail. Dave features and shares his story of growing up and we witness the parallels. It’s a bleak but honest representation of the hardships both artists have gone through to make it.




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