Tree Thomas – YUCALLME | Music Video


Introducing Oakland, California R&B rising star Tree Thomas with his brand new single titled “YUCALLME”, which comes along with an excellent new music video to boot, on the same day he releases his first project of 2019 and new EP B4ULUVME.


“YUCALLME” is the second single from his B4ULUVME project, and it was produced by fellow Oakland native, producer WAXROOF as well as STARIMUSIC. Now I have heard a lot of music from Tree Thomas but this is the first time I’ve been compelled to share his record on here, and that’s because “YUCALLME” is am amazing track, I really don’t know how else to describe it, plus if you’re not bopping your head once the drop comes in around the minute mark, are you even human?


Speaking about the new B4ULUVME project, Tree Thomas says, “This is my first time doing a project with all live instrumentation and I loved it. The learning curve and the process was tough but I fell in love with both. Being in the room while WAXROOF constructed beats from random instruments laying around his room was amazing to see and be apart of“.


Thematically or lyrically, it’s a typical R&B song about a former lover entering your life again, and being able to trigger all those feelings about them that you have been trying hard to forget or just suppress. I know some of us have been there, and if you are there right now, I hope God gives you the grace and strength to not return back to what you left.




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