French Alt Pop Mystery Nikki Idol Drops New Song ‘The Bad Angel’

Mysterious Nikki Idol is putting out a new single. A seductive and enigmatic tune with appealing vocals and lovely guitar melodies is called “The Bad Angel“.

After just one year, he was able to reach over 230,000 monthly listeners. With his musical cosmos, “The Mysterious Scorpio” is beginning to build a reputation for himself in the ‘sex music’ scene.

A fallen angel” as he calls himself, Nikki Idol is a “supernatural” entity. A voice that is both sweet and violent, the voice of a soul that lives exclusively for his work. Nikki Idol, however, is much more than just a voice; he is the architect of his own audiovisual cosmos.

He developed into a captivating character living a life of passion and lunacy as a result of growing up listening to the greatest legends of Rock n Roll. The scary appearance, the long hair, and the crimson lips His aim is to give his audience the greatest and hottest event possible, which he accomplishes with his rock star appearance and beguiling guitar tunes.

He unlocked the doors to his world on September 3, 2021, with the publication of his first single, “The Devil in I“,  a very daring love song about private and taboo desires, before then giving us “Sex in Paris“, “I Love You… my Devil“, and “Lady, Touch Yourself“, there is a first step.

With the release of two new singles, he has returned this year. “Love Me To Death” explores the ultimate sacrifice an artist may make for his fans, and “The Bad Angel” tells the tale of a free-spirited and irresponsible woman.

We hope to see his first album soon.

Listen to the single below:


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