French Gabonese Artist Anaïs Cardot Unveils New Single ‘COLORS’

French Gabonese artist Anaïs Cardot presents her latest single, “COLORS”. In this intriguing blend of French and Portuguese lyrics, Cardot bares her soul.

“COLORS” communicates a complex emotional narrative about the struggle to accept love despite knowing it could lead to personal happiness.

Cardot grapples with letting in the affection that surrounds her, a reluctance stemming from her apprehension towards self-love. Her hesitancy to love herself seemingly mirrors her resistance to accept love from others.

Renowned for her raw honesty, Cardot does not shy away from delving into challenging emotions like fear and uncertainty. Her music often explores her personal encounters with mental health issues and the ongoing battle with grief.

The French-Gabonese artist, currently based in Ottawa, Canada, grew up immersed in a musical family environment saturated with diverse genres like jazz, R&B, reggae, and independent music. Her most significant influence was her father, Bouddha Cardot, a musician and boxer who inspired her journey into the world of music.

Since birth, Cardot has been grappling with Arthrogryposis, a condition initially believed to prevent her from walking, talking, or even sitting down.

Fast forward to today, and Anas stands recognized as a renowned singer and songwriter, distinguished by her unique, ethereal voice. As a multifaceted artist, she finds joy in crafting meaningful music that elevates listeners and cultivates unity.

With her graduation from Ottawa University, Canada, imminent, anticipation builds for her debut EP, Pink Magnolia, slated for a summer 2023 release.

Catch the music video for “COLORS” just below:


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