Los Angeles Pop-Rock Artist Abigail Fierce Returns With ‘Daphne’

Emerging from the vibrant Los Angeles music scene, the multitalented artist Abigail Fierce has unveiled her new pop-rock single with pop-punk elements titled “Daphne“.

Each Tuesday, Abigail found herself at her local coffee shop, stealing glances at the alluring barista donning a black beanie and cat-eye makeup. The song “Daphne,” named after the barista – a nickname Abigail gave her since she never wore a name tag, tells a tale of unspoken affection between two women.

Yet, in a poignant bridge, it’s revealed that the song’s romantic narrative is but a daydream about the barista, whose actual name remains a mystery to the singer.

“Daphne” is destined to be an indie summer anthem, representing the long-desired sapphic love song filled with rich metaphors, a dreamlike narrative, and ebullient guitar chords that resonate with listeners.

Abigail Fierce, an LGBT singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, is a versatile musician who, besides the drums, performs every instrument on her tracks.

Her craft stands out for its unique blend of smart, creative lyricism and engaging guitar melodies that provide listeners with a refreshing departure from the mundane. Known for her defiance of genre norms and continually evolving soundscapes, Abigail submerges listeners in her stunning, thrilling musical universe.

Her exceptional songwriting has earned accolades in several esteemed international songwriting contests, underscoring her prodigious talents.

In addition to her musical exploits, Abigail’s artistic repertoire extends to acting, with appearances on Love, Victor on Hulu, This Is Us on NBC, American Vandal on Netflix, and the forthcoming Paramount+ film Fantasy Football.

Dive into Abigail Fierce’s enchanting musical journey by listening to the single “Daphne” below:


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