French Rapper Georgio Releases Fourth Album ‘Sacré’ | Music News


French rapper Georgio has released a new album entitled Sacré, almost three years after his last project XX5. Georgio has delivered his fourth solo album at only 28 years old with an amazing discography.


The work on Sacré started in February 2019 and was inspired by the rapper’s life, encounters, discussions, stories, the news, and his emotions… Georgio described the album as “an album with a lot of strength and love, love of life“. The album seems to be a personal project as well as a retrospective on the different adventures and obstacles that the rapper encountered.


On the 18-track album, we can find some collaboration with other French rappers: S.Pri Noir on “Full Moon”, Kalash Criminel on “Emotions Masquées”, Sanka on “On Se Connaît pas” and Zikxo on the song “Parallèle”.


Before the release and during the album’s promotion, Georgio shared music videos of four of his titles: “Les Anges Dans Des Robes Rouges”, “Danse”, “Vers Le Haut” and “Full Moon”.


During the album’s promotion, Georgio has also released three videos on YouTube called the ‘Ailleurs Session’. With these sessions as well as with Sacré, we see Georgio’s appreciation for analog instruments like piano and guitars.


With Sacré, the Parisian rapper has celebrated the 10th year since the release of his first song and has definitely entered into his place on the French rap scene.


Back in April 2020, his second album Héra released in November 2016 was certified as a platinum disc. We only wish the same for Sacré, that has, as always, some touching and timeless lyrics where everyone can identify himself.


Discover the moving lyrics and soft melodies of Georgio’s album Sacré here:




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