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Interesting duo Gravity Circus has dropped their latest single titled “Tension”. Very rhythmic, with an end-of-summer vibe to it, the single is the duo’s second release of the year after “Loser Attitude”, from the beginning of the year. This single is quite a dancey one, with the frontman’s voice that goes perfectly with the style here.


The music starts off quite easy with the guitar playing and then quickly going off with a much more rhythmic and melancholic vibe to the voice. With only using basic utensils – their voices and their talents with the guitar and drum – they gave us a 4-minute unique experience.


A mix of joy and tragedy in this single, makes it a nice and chill song for the upcoming summer evenings. Regards the story behind the single, it seems to be about a relationship, friendship and making the right choices.


Brazilian Japanese multi-instrumentalist Jimmy Onibi Nagaura Yabiko is the frontman of the duo and Dutch German Ken Luske is the drummer. Together, they form Gravity Circus, a Dutch duo of two friends with shared musical tastes. The duo has a very straightforward ‘nothing left to lose’ state of mind.


Using very few instruments and only basic tools like guitars, lamps, bass, dishwashers, drums, bottles, synths, paper towels, air dryers, limbs, cheeks, broken equipment, and phones, they deliver on a cheap but efficient way to make their music, which is actually quite creative.


The duo is working on their upcoming EP, which will be mixed by multi-Grammy nominated producer Bryan Wilson and mastered by award-winning engineer Robin Schmidt. We can’t wait to listen to their EP.


Listen to “Tension” here.




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