French Singer-Songwriter Sadoo Releases Electronic Reggae Track ‘Travellers Kingdom’


Lyon-based electronic, R&B/soul and reggae singer and songwriter Sadoo has just released a new track titled “Travellers Kingdom”, which will make you surprise as you will have a hard time naming the genre for this piece.

From the beginning, it starts with eclectic instrumentation somewhere between Mediterranean rhythm and melody while it also has a hint of reggae breeze in the middle.

While Sadoo adopts more reggae style vocal delivery and performance more, the beats and the rhythm does not disappoint in terms of making it very enjoyable to the ears.

“Travellers Kingdom” is in general a very unique piece which makes it refreshing however it would be wrong to not to talk about this storytelling skills. The new release has a very comfortable vocal delivery -it almost feels like your poetic uncle who likes to travel a lot tells you a story.

Despite having been raised in Europe, Asia, and Africa, Mathieu Chauzu (also known as Sadoo) was born in France in 1980. This element is very well affected the music that he makes.

Even though no one around him is a musician, he is drawn to music due to his sensitivity to various cultures and his enjoyment of traditional music.

He receives a wooden flute when he is about 7.8 years old and tries desperately to mimic and control the sound of the wind, but he never succeeds. So he eventually picked up the piano, but because of all the moving and travelling his family did, there were long stretches of time when he didn’t come across a piano.

His family was also a traveller, seen and raised in three different places gave Sadoo a great opportunatity to meet with artsy people, poetic souls and great story-tellers.

For Sadoo the magic of music with history is that everyone combines words with music to create their own story, understanding what they want. And that there are several levels of reading. Sadoo likes to say, “I don’t sing, it’s the character of my song who sings, finally a mix between the two of us.”

The album Gout Sucré is a 9-track project written and composed by Sadoo, apart from the track “Inventario Galante”, which is a poem by Antonio Machado set to music by Sadoo.

The song “Travelers Kingdom” being one of them, and it tells the story about a young girl who decides to be free despite her family’s advice.

Listen and enjoy the new release “Travellers Kingdom” by Sadoo below!


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