Manchester Artist IAMDDB Releases New Single ‘Where Did The Love Go?’

Manchester artist IAMDDB has released “Where Did The Love Go?” which is the first single from her highly anticipated project Volume 6, due for release in 2023.

Three more songs from her sixth project will be released, and they will span a wide spectrum of genres, from urban jazz to energetic trap.

This new song, which coincidentally had its premiere on Valentine’s Day, stands for self-care, healing, letting go, and protecting oneself. DDB wants listeners to understand that it’s acceptable to be by yourself because loving oneself is the starting point for growth.

The good things you deserve are attracted when you take care of your mind, body, soul and spirit, when you spend time with yourself.

IAMDDB is a multifaceted artist from Manchester who is not constrained by anything. She is a singer, songwriter, actress, fashion icon, healer, and multidimensional artist.

Her message is all about freedom, love, authenticity, following in the footsteps of her favourite artist, Bob Marley. With her empowerment, she puts black women at the centre of her movement.

As she moves between the sounds of trap, jazz, reggae, soul, and a passionate fusion she has named Urban Jazz, her talents stand out.

In 2016, IAMDDB became a household name thanks to the smash hit song “Leaned Out“. Her music has always been about rejecting convention and embracing one’s individuality.

It will be her most adventurous collection yet when her much awaited Volume 6 debuts later this year.

IAMDDB is someone to keep an eye on since she never gives up on overcoming obstacles and going beyond bounds.

With a clean video, groovy vocals and a catchy beat, let the new IAMDDB song be a gentle and tender reminder to treat yourself with love.

watch the clip for “Where Did The Love Go?” below:


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