French Songstress Déborah Leclercq Shares ‘Never Go Away’ From New EP ‘Solide’

Déborah Leclercq, a young and talented French actress turned musician, has made a significant splash in the music scene with her latest EP, Solide. Her journey into music was somewhat serendipitous, catalyzed by the global Covid-19 pandemic, which forced her into seclusion like many others. During this time, she turned to her guitar and began sharing her music on social media, catching the attention of her producer.

Her initial foray into music was marked by posting covers online, but it wasn’t long before she began crafting her own songs. Déborah’s music career began to take shape with the release of three singles – “Lara Croft,” “Regarde moi,” and “Solide” – as well as a duet with Jules Jaconelli. These releases helped her gain recognition, leading to opening acts for well-known artists such as Clara Luciani, Hervé, and Charlie Winston.

“Never Go Away,” her latest single, stands out for its unique blend of chanson, R&B, and pop, demonstrating her distinctive musical style. Déborah’s ability to blend different genres and her organic approach to music production sets her apart in the contemporary French music scene. Her music is characterized by a singular flow and a dark, captivating tone that weaves a tapestry of light and shadow through her lyrics.

The EP Solide is a reflection of Déborah’s age and era, showcasing her perspectives on womanhood, freedom, and youth. Her music is not overtly militant but is infused with confidence and conviction. The underlying theme across her work is the pursuit of freedom, a concept she explores both lyrically and musically.

With the release of Solide, Déborah Leclercq is well-positioned as an important new voice in French music, blending traditional and contemporary sounds to create something both unclassifiable and essential. Her journey from an actress to a musician is a testament to the power of creativity and the resilience of art in challenging times.

Listen to “Never Go Away” below!


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