French Songstress Vinscat Unveils New Single ‘Let Me Try’

Vinscat is a singer-songwriter from the south of France who is 25 years old. She has just released a new single titled “Let Me Try”, which she describes as a protest song for artistic integrity.

Her concept was conceived and developed in London, where she was inspired by the city’s vibrant music culture. She is conveying her tale and personal experiences via joyous melodies and uplifting lyrics in order to find resilience.

Her music combines pop, hip hop, and soul in a unique way. Her rapid verbal language, coupled with soft melodies and current pop production, demonstrates her appreciation for hip hop.

Sofar Sounds London, Notting Hill Arts Club, The Venue 229, and The Half Moon Putney are just a few of the legendary London music venues where she has performed. In addition, she has toured Sweden, performing at events such as the well-known Eksjö Stadfest.

Speaking about her new single “Let Me Try”, Vinscat says, “Let Me Try is a song about artistic integrity and the necessity for me to be true to myself and to the audience. There is another path to success than they want us to believe. And me and my fellow artist friends just want to try and do it our own way. Let us try“.

Watch the video for “Let Me Try” here:


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