German Artist Philine Sonny Releases Debut Single ‘Lose Yourself’

German newcomer Philine Sonny has arrived with her first piece of music for our ears by way of her new single titled “Lose Yourself”, which comes with an accompanying black and white music video.

Her breathtaking single is inspired by a world that has become all too familiar with uneasiness, dreams, and worries. “Lose Yourself,” which has a melancholy undertone, romanticises the loss of control that slowly but steadily seeps into a depressed person’s everyday existence.

The process of crafting her debut track was also the beginning of her career as a songwriter for the 20-year-old musician, which she is now expanding with her own style as a producer. Philine Sonny presents first impressions of her music’s visual aesthetics in the video for the track, as well as demonstrating how doggedly ungracious mental illness can be while squeezing itself in the middle of two persons.

Above all, she attempts to eliminate the fear of losing oneself by embarking on her own path to rediscover herself. With her new song, the singer brazenly presents the sometimes contentious topic of dating for money with witty-yet-raw language, all while ensuring that it is a treat for the ears thanks to her lovely tone and sweet-sounding, synth-heavy music.

Watch the video for “Lose Yourself” here:


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