FREQz Drops New Single ‘All Of The Days’ Ahead Of Debut Album


FREQz, the new indie rock sensation from Oakland, California, has just unveiled their lead single “All of the Days” from their upcoming debut album, Grizzly Peak, set to release on June 7th.

The track, according to band member Alisa Saario, captures the essence of aimless wandering in search of connection. “You’ll find what you need was with you all along,” Saario reflects.

Directed by Asali Echols, the music video was filmed at Eli’s Mile High Club, showcasing Oakland’s vibrant music scene.

Formed in 2021, FREQz consists of Nelda, JaMile, Alisa, and Harry, each bringing their unique flair to the band’s electrifying sound.

Their music, a fusion of rock and electronic elements, promises an unforgettable experience for listeners.
Grizzly Peak, named after an iconic Oakland make-out spot, explores themes of love and longing, particularly through Nelda’s poignant lyrics.

From dreamy grooves to polyrhythmic bangers, the album offers a diverse sonic landscape influenced by Radiohead and Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Speaking about the album, Nelda Kerr shares, “Each track is meticulously crafted to maximize raw intensity and emotional depth.”

The band’s creative process, including listening sessions in a wood-fired hot tub, adds a unique touch to their music-making journey.

FREQz’s new single sets the stage for a promising musical journey, blending nostalgia with contemporary rock vibes.
Fans can catch FREQz live at their San Francisco record release show on June 6th at The Knockout, featuring sets from Mommy Mommy, Tricky FM, and Winnie Wanders.

“All of the Days” is now available on all major digital platforms, offering listeners a taste of what’s to come from this dynamic indie rock band.

Watch the video for “All of the Days” below!


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