Nastiya Kai Debuts New Single ‘Demons’ And Announces Upcoming Album

Emerging alt-pop artist Nastiya Kai is making waves with her latest single “Demons,” released on May 10th, 2024, through her own label, Nastiya Kai Music. This release serves as a prelude to her highly anticipated debut album, Demon Era, set to drop on May 31st.

Nastiya’s music, known for its eclectic blend of influences and catchy, complex compositions, has already captured the attention of notable outlets like NOTION Magazine, CLASH Magazine, and EARMILK, and has garnered substantial streaming numbers, signaling a promising career trajectory in the pop music landscape.

Born in Moscow and now based in Los Angeles, Nastiya Kai has honed her craft as a self-taught musician, beginning her musical journey with piano and songwriting from a young age. Her experiences with bullying and loneliness during her school years led her to find comfort and expression through music, primarily playing guitar.

After a period of life changes including moving countries and switching careers, she solidified her commitment to her musical career, culminating in the release of singles starting in 2023.

The single “Demons” offers an infectious dance-pop beat paired with glitchy, upbeat melodies that explore the tumultuous feelings of overlooking someone’s flaws due to deep affection—a theme encapsulated in its energetic yet reflective tone.

The music video accompanying “Demons” complements the song’s theme with its neon visuals and depicts the complexities of a steamy yet tender relationship. Nastiya Kai describes the track as a fast-paced love song about “loving someone so much you keep ignoring the red flags.”

Nastiya Kai draws inspiration from a diverse array of artists, from David Bowie and Bob Dylan to modern influencers like Billie Eilish and Caroline Polachek, crafting a sound that resonates with fans of avant-pop.

Her forthcoming album, Demon Era, promises to delve deeper into themes of personal growth and emotional exploration, marking a significant step in her artistic journey.

Watch the music video for “Demons” below!


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