Fuse ODG + Ed Sheeran + Mugeez – Boa Me | Music Video


British artist of Ghanaian decent Fuse ODG has released a brand new music video for “Boa Me” featuring Mugeez and British singer Ed Sheeran. The new single “Boa Me” which is produced by Killbeatz was recorded in Ghana, and sees Ed singing in Twi which is a Ghanaian dialect.


Fuse ODG explains what the title name means, and how Ed actually felt singing it in Twi, “The word literally means ‘help me’ and the concept of the track is help your neighbour. I showed all sorts of different types of music out there, he wanted to make a real authentic High Life track – that’s the old-school Afrobeats music my parents would play”.


He adds that, “Ed is becoming a High Life legend because when I played it to people in Ghana they didn’t even realise it was Ed, that’s how much he sounded like the real thing. We did a test where people came to the house and the reaction was: ‘This is crazy”.


The video shows the artists enjoying themselves in Ghana, while they are also recording the song. It’s a video that will make you smile to the end of it, because of the great energy and happiness in it.


Watch the nice and lively video of “Boa Me” below




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