Future User – Mountain Lion | Music Video


Future User have released a video for their latest single “Mountain Lion” which features a voice message left by Lance Armstrong. The song focuses on the use of performance enhancing drugs in sport. Tim Commerford of Future User, and previously of Rage Against the Machine, is friends with Armstrong and the two cycle together often. According to Commerford, the two share banter-filled calls in preparation to the bike rides, and this is what made an appearance on “Mountain Lion”.


A re-recorded version of an original voicemail left by Armstrong is included towards the end of the song, the video for which can be found below. Commerford suggests that the focus put on performance enhancing drugs is unnecessary, especially considering the other drug problems in the US. The band’s debut album #SteroidsorHeroin is due out on the 24th of February and is available for pre-order here.




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