Gal Gadot To Star In New Sci-Fi Movie ‘Meet Me In Another Life’ | Film News


Catriona Silvey‘s novel Meet Me in Another Life is to be adapted into a film starring actress Gal Gadot.


She will be reuniting with Wonder Woman producers Charles Roven and Richard Suckle of Atlas Entertainment for the sci-fi-tinged romance, alongside her own production company with Jaron Varsano, Pilot Wave.


The book, which was released this week, is based on a man and a woman, Thora and Santi, who keep meeting in different versions of reality where they can be friends, enemies, colleagues or lovers. They must find out the truth about what connects them before their lives end. We don’t yet know who Gal Gadot’s on-screen partner will be.


“Catriona’s spectacular novel is provocative, unique and wildly cinematic, it seamlessly combines a timeless love story, thriller and sci-fi tale”, said Suckle and Roven, “We’re incredibly excited to bring this story to life especially with our partners Gal and Jaron”.


“Catriona’s characters are beautifully explored and deeply complex – their reincarnations sometimes bordering on taboo – that the payoff of their self-discovery feels genuine and earned”, said Gadot and Varsano, “We’re thrilled to partner with Chuck Roven and Richard Suckle to bring this story with many layers on the big screen”.


The novel is currently only available in the US. It will be published July 8 in the UK.



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