‘Game Of Thrones’: The Best Episode Yet – Battle of The Bastards | TV Review



The dust has settled.


You have watched this episode at least more than once now, and yes it really is that good.


The best episode yet of this great TV show that is better than a lot of films you have sat through at the cinema.


SPOILER warning but if you are reading this you have probably just about recovered from the events of the penultimate episode The Battle of the Bastards.


Where to start? The money spent on the episode was there on screen and clear to see why the last episode was a bit constrained by its budget. I thought we may just get the Battle of Jon vs Ramsay but we finally got some action from Daenerys and her dragons as well.


The only possible criticism I have of the episode is the spectacular dragon skirmish to silence the slave masters could of been last episodes finale, it feels like this episode was spoiling us with so many gasp and cheer out loud moments.


The special effects looked great, Tyrion’s nervous energy at Daenerys, arrival was was performed well as ever by Peter Dinklage, Greyworm dispatching of the masters and the arrival of the Dothraki horde were all spectacular. And we haven’t even mentioned the main event yet.


Before we head into the Battle Royale we were also treated to the Greyjoy’s arriving to pledge their support to the mother of Dragons. The action may overshadow the episode as a whole but this script was also exceptional.


Game of Thrones is all about the outsiders, those not meant to do well, the bastards, the dwarves, the banished family and women! The discussion between Yara, Tyrion and Daenerys was intense with a typical game of thrones element of simmering sexual tension. The idea of women ruling Westeros was also a great element.


Now lets get to it, the battle that started with the inevitable brutal death of Rickon that really fired up Jon Snow’s army. The cinematography and choreography was incredible especially as a lone Snow charged at the calvary. As Snow’s army became entrapped the uses of the Bolton spears and piling of bodies was brutally graphic. Not since Ridley Scott‘s Gladiator has a battlefield scene put the viewer right in the middle of the chaos so effectively, intertwining all the senses. The graphic violenece is enthralling and disturbing with body parts flying everywhere.


This is a cinematic episode that deserves all the credit coming its way. Yes the arrival of the knights of The Vale via Littlefinger was a predictable conclusion but they left it late didn’t they, my heart was in my mouth even on repeat viewing.


And the closing Sansa smirk as Ramsay is finally dispatched in a manner so fitting for a despicable character but still the brutality of the first dog bite made you shudder.


This episode has kept up the pretence of the big 9th episode then concentrating on character development in the closing episode, Personally I am looking forward to Ser Davos confronting the Red Woman.


Whatever the finale throws at us this series has been a triumph, better than the last series resetting many of the developments more aligned with the books and introducing unseen events with great spectacle and creativity.


It is now more than official………best show on TV!



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