Garbage To Release New LP ‘Strange Little Birds’ | Music News



Garbage have confirmed that their new record, intitled Strange Little Birds, will be published on June 10.


This will be their first album since 2012 Not Your Kind Of People, after which the members of the American-Scottish band took time to write and record new music. It was on February 2016 that they opened up about the upcoming album, stating on their Facebook page: “Our new record is an inch away, just an inch away from being done. And I do mean an inch away from being completely done. Recorded. Mixed. And soon to be mastered”.


Exactly as they did for Not Your Kind Of People, the new record will be released independently via their own music label STUNVOLUME.


“The guiding principle was keeping it fresh, and relying on instinct both lyrically and musically,” said lead singer Shirley Manson. She also added: “To me, this record, funnily enough, has the most to do with the first record than any of the previous records. It’s getting back to that beginner’s headspace. In part, that’s a result of not having anyone to answer to”.



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