Gaspar Noe’s 3D Sex Drama ‘Love’ Hits Cannes Film Festival | Film News


Gaspar Noe is quite something, he really is. When I first watched his magnum opus Enter the Void, I didn’t really know what had just happened to me. I knew the film was going to be weird but I was pretty floored by the hallucinatory, experimental, drug fuelled experience it provided me with.


So when his 3D drama about sex, involving real, not faked for film, love making was announced, the world and I was expecting Noe to take proceedings to another level. Well, the consensus seems to be from Cannes, is that Love pretty much just provides more of the same, with Noe not offering much of anything new creatively, and that the unrelenting sex gets old pretty quickly.


This news is a little disheartening, the visuals from the film appear to be superb as you would expect from the master film maker, but if the content isn’t there then maybe Love isn’t a trip worth taking. It seems to be by no means a bad film, just not the ground breaking experience many were hoping for. Love hits screens later this year.



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