‘Bojack Horesman’ Returns For Season Two In July | TV News


One of Netflix’s greatest shows in a series of excellent shows — seriously, they are killing it right now — is due to return very soon, this summer in fact. It was announced today that Bojack Horseman, the animated series featuring voices from Will Arnett and Aaron Paul, is returning to the streaming service on the 17th of July.


I loved this show, it was consistently funny, with wonderful voice acting and awesomely simple animation. Bojack is basically the animated story of Charlie Sheen, if Charlie Sheen was a horse that is. With a whole slew of guest stars and often thoughtful and quite dramatic story beats, Bojack has quickly become one of the biggest stars of Netflix’s ever expanding slate of content. If you haven’t checked it out yet, do yourself a favour and go on over, it’s great stuff that I think you’ll enjoy very much and a good excuse to listen to Will Arnett’s superb gravely voice for hours on end.



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