Genre-Defying Arizona Artist Madilyn Mei Unveils New Track ‘The Milk Carton’

Arizona based musician and singer-songwriter Madilyn Mei has just released her latest track “The Milk Carton” and it gets attention on the popular platforms such as Tik Tok & Instagram.

Madilyn Mei took benefit of the popularity of her single-take, new song performance videos on TikTok & Instagram to gain a lot of attention for her most recent song, “The Milk Carton.”

“The Milk Carton” has lots of layers when it comes to composition. It houses ups and downs, playful beats and great story telling through vocal delivery.

Since she was a young teen, Madilyn Mei (she/her) has generated buzz with her vivid storytelling, poetic wordplay, genre-defying productions, and distinctive voice.

The 20-year-old Arizona-based singer-songwriter is rapidly building a reputation for her creative indie-folk twist on the bedroom pop genre thanks to her consistent stream of new releases and enormous followings across TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Spotify.

Since releasing her first piece of original music just two years ago, Madilyn (also known as Madi, Mads, or Madders) has created a world around her music that is immersive, cosy, whimsical, and always fun.

Her songs tell tales about video games, elementary school talent shows, missed connections, and escapist cosplay while using clever language to ingrain a relatable deeper meaning.

Madilyn creates all of her music in her bedroom, where she also writes and records it. She almost exclusively produces her own music videos and pairs her songs with hand-drawn illustrations.

Madilyn may have started out as a young Arizonian girl who used music to escape her life by folding clothes at Target, but she is unquestionably about to embark on a journey that will take her to uncharted territory.

Listen and enjoy the new release “The Milk Carton” below!


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