Georgia Rap Artist LXG Rude Unveils New Single ‘Let It Go’

Rising hip-hop artist LXG Rude, renowned for his unique blend of old and new, has dropped his latest single, “Let It Go.” The track, a testament to LXG Rude’s versatility and lyrical genius, is about releasing negative emotions and moving forward from the past.

“Let It Go,” with its infectious beat and memorable hook, showcases LXG Rude’s smooth vocals and laid-back delivery style. The lyrics are powerful and relatable, resonating deeply with listeners who have navigated heartbreak and pain.

Coupled with expert production, mixing, and mastering, “Let it Go” promises to be a fan favorite, offering a compelling auditory experience from the opening note to the final chord.

Hailing from the Delwood Acres neighborhood of Adel, Georgia, LXG Rude’s musical journey started in 2001, influenced by legendary artists like Outkast, Tupac, Lil Wayne, and Jay-Z.

With the support of his musically-inclined family, Rude started recording songs and sharing them on platforms like SoundCloud and MySpace, earning recognition and success in his local scene.

A turning point in Rude’s career was the tragic death of a close friend, which drove him to take his music more seriously. Investing in a beginner’s studio, he dedicated countless hours to self-recording and perfecting his craft, producing early mixtapes and freestyles that quickly earned him a robust local following. Over his career, Rude has recorded more than 150 tracks, including standout hits like “Too Easy” and “Scars,” which have received radio rotation.

The accompanying music video for “Let it Go” is as impressive as the track itself, featuring striking, intimate visuals that perfectly encapsulate the essence of the song. Now available on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal, “Let it Go” stands as a testament to LXG Rude’s profound talent as a songwriter and performer.

Looking ahead, LXG Rude has set his sights on 2023 with the much-anticipated release of his first project, “Up From Here.” Given his relentless dedication and raw talent, LXG Rude is set to make significant waves in the music industry in the upcoming year

Watch the video for “Let It Go” below!


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