TAL THE1 Recruits Emilio Rojas And Jon Connor For Powerful New Anthem ‘Changes’

Changes,” the new track by music producer, composer, and songwriter TAL THE1, featuring star emcees Emilio Rojas and Jon Connor, is not merely a song; it’s a dynamic movement for social change.

The song stands as a fervent plea for the urgent necessity of change in a society plagued by inequality, social injustice, and senseless violence.

Lyrics such as “bullets fly in schools / I wonder if this student shootings different / or is it just the ugly truth we live in?” highlight the harsh realities we’ve become desensitized to. “Changes” encourages listeners to “break the chains” of self-imprisonment and actively drive change in their lives and in the lives of others, particularly urging policy makers to take action.

TAL THE1, an NYC-based artist, writer, and producer, collaborated with emcees Emilio Rojas and Jon Connor to deliver this powerful piece. The rappers’ heartfelt verses, paired with TAL THE1’s meticulously crafted instrumental, create a compelling fusion of raw emotion and social commentary.

TAL THE1’s music has gained notable recognition, featured by organizations such as the MLB, NFL, NCAA, and on hundreds of TV shows on major networks worldwide. His disciplined and meticulous approach to music production reflects his passion for the craft. Like a scientist in a lab, TAL THE1 combines known elements and chases the unknown, constantly evolving and innovating in his music production.

Over the years, TAL THE1 has utilized music as a source of energy and inspiration, and he’s now focused on releasing his own projects while collaborating with some of the biggest names in the industry. His aspirations for greatness and his no-distractions approach to production have paved the way for his relentless evolution as a music artist.

With “Changes,” TAL THE1, Emilio Rojas, and Jon Connor have created not just a song, but a rallying cry for those seeking to make a difference in a world that desperately needs change. The track is a testament to the power of music to inspire, motivate, and ultimately, drive social transformation.

Listen to “Changes” below!


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