Gerard Butler Teaming Up With ‘John Wick’ Creator For Action Thriller ‘Just Watch Me’

Gerard Butler has signed on for another action film, but this one has a couple of additional twists.

He’ll be teaming up with John Wick creator and Nobody director Derek Kolstad for the film, which is an adaptation of the novel Just Watch Me, written by Jeff Lindsay, who originally penned the Dexter novels, the first of which was the basis for the inaugural season of that show.

Lindsay penned Just Watch Me as part of his two-book Riley Wolfe series. The novel focuses on a Robin Hood-like hero who hunts down those with a little too much wealth. Chasing after the 0.1 percent, the anti-hero seeks to drain the wealthiest of their gross extravagance. In this installment, he sets his sights on the most precious collections of gems in the world – the Crown Jewels of Iran.

But if he wants to complete this harrowing hit, the master thief will need some help. This is where Monique, a top-tier forger, along with a crew of fellow thieves, step in. Prepared to stop at nothing for his goal, Riley and the rest of his team set out to take on the unthinkable.

Sculptor Media (The Marksman) will be financing as well as producing the film, which is slated to be the company’s premiere film under their new international sales division, Mossbank.

The synopsis sounds right up Butler’s alley, sounding a lot like his 2018 Heat-esque heist film Den Of Thieves. He previously worked with Sculptor Media on last year’s Joe Carnahan-directed thriller Copshop.

He’s got Night Has Fallen, the fourth installment in the Fallen series, lined up for this year, while he’s currently shooting action-thriller The Plane.

The last Lindsay adaptation led to Dexter, which was incredibly successful and recently completed its reboot run, Dexter: New Blood. If Kolstad can capture the same violent magic he did in Nobody, and if this Lindsay adaptation has a similar success to his last one, Just Watch Me will be a big hit.

Production is expected to begin in the fourth quarter of 2022.


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