German Artist Philine Sonny Shares New Single ‘In Denial’

German artist Philine Sonny unveils a new dimension of her talent with her latest release, the captivating EP Invader, led by her new single “In Denial“.

From the impactful opening notes of “In Denial,” listeners are swept into a whirlwind of emotions, oscillating between the desire to dance, cry, scream, and even embark on an endless journey. Philine, a singer, songwriter, and producer, positions herself within cathartic pop, guided by catchy melodies and vibrant guitars.

Based in Bochum, Germany, Philine has already garnered international attention with her unmatched musical ear, intimate live performances, and eclectic taste. Her influences span from current to classic, citing artists such as Sam Fender, Clairo, Holly Humberstone, Ben Howard, Bryan Adams, Bleachers, and her all-time favorite, Bruce Springsteen.

Her EP Invader delves into the universal feeling of being an imposter wherever you go. The five tracks on the EP explore, in their unique ways, boundaries crossed, disruptions, or invasions of personal space.

“In Denial,” a rhythmic powerhouse, opens the EP with its blend of post-punk detachment and retro synth-pop warmth, capturing the audacity of youth confronted by the reality that some things are simply not meant to be.

The track “Drugs” unfolds with dreamy vocals, plaintive guitar, and an enchanting chorus, offering a romanticized vision of life for those bold enough to let go of fear.

“Take A While” encourages perseverance even when goals seem hopeless, while “Stranger In Your Living Room” reflects on friendship, empathy, and how to be there for someone in mourning.

Lastly, “Lovely,” the EP’s most vulnerable ballad, poses the challenging question: “Did you love me as much as you miss me now?” Philine explores intimate themes such as depression, imposter syndrome, and the sense of displacement in her hometown.

Philine Sonny, a self-taught introvert, expresses her art incredibly personally. Beyond writing and producing, she also creates visuals, from music videos to artwork, with a DIY approach rooted in her creativity.

Her authenticity and artistic openness are already drawing fans from around the world, inviting them to embrace Philine as their chosen family. Keep an eye out for this promising artist who is just beginning her musical ascent.

Listen to “In Denial” below!


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