Søren Hansen Unveils Introspective New Single ‘Dream That I Die’

Søren Hansen, one of the co-founders of the platinum-selling alternative pop band New Politics, is stepping into the spotlight with his latest single, “Dream That I Die.” This track is just a taste of what’s to come from his upcoming self-titled debut album, set to drop soon.

In “Dream That I Die,” Søren takes us on a journey through introspection and vulnerability. Powered up by a steady beat and somber piano, he confesses, “I don’t remember why I always dream that I die…The lyric came from sitting on a plane out of California,” he says. “It was a graphic image of being in a state of helplessness.”

After years of touring the globe and releasing records with New Politics, Søren found himself in Nashville, where he embraced songwriting and production across various genres.

His musical journey began in Denmark, where music became his refuge during a turbulent childhood. From studying jazz piano in Greece to landing a major label deal with New Politics, Søren’s path has been marked by passion.

Reflecting on his journey, Søren shares, “I’ve come to a point where I’m proud of the person I’ve become. I’m able to tap into who Soren is. Nothing else really matters. A lot of the music come from a real place and a lot of hurts. I didn’t give up, no matter what though. I always get back on my feet and keep moving. That’s who I am today.”

As we anticipate the release of his debut album, Søren promises more heartfelt music to come in the spring. Stay tuned as he continues to captivate audiences with his authentic storytelling and his upcoming album in early summer.

Listen to “Dream That I Die” below!


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