German Artist Shoshan Dunamis Unveils Emotional New Single ‘Done’

“Done” is the fourth song from seventeen songs that German artist Shoshan Dunamis is set to release this year.It is an emotional pop ballad about letting go of bad habits. It encourage others to hold on to their good decisions, they made in life, saying “I’m done with all I’ve done“.

2022 has seen Shoshan take on the challenge of releasing a marathon of 17 singles in one year. She will release a song every last Friday of every month and some in between, so a lot of good vibes are coming to you!

According to Shoshan, the decisions we make aren’t always good, and we have to stay motivated and stick to our decisions. Through her new song, she hopes to inspire others to hold on to a good decision. The song “Done” reflects her thoughts and the way she implements her goal.

Soshan Dunamis is a singer, songwriter, and producer who has been performing since she was six years old. Her musical journey began from 1996-1998 as a soloist with the gospel choir project of the Christian Center Wiesbaden, Germany.

She has worked as an artist, songwriter, and producer for a variety of labels, artists, producers, and DJs since 2009. Now she produces originals in the genres: Electro-Soul, Electro-Pop, EDM and r&b.

Schoshan stands out with motivational songs, love songs, and songs that speak to you, challenge you, and pump you up. Lyrically, you may want to compare her to Sia. With every new song, her voice captures the attention of her listeners with its variety.

She stands for a positive attitude towards life. Her unique sound catches her listeners’ attention and her lyrics are motivating, positive and full of passion. Her distinctive voice and exciting sounds make her a unique artist.

Listen to “Done” below:


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