Brighten Up Your Office With Colorful And Eco-Friendly Nolki Notebooks

Nolki‘s new notebook collection is unlike anything you’ve seen before. Forget gray, black or white notebooks and give your workspace a facelift with a splash of color from Nolki’s extensive collection. Plus, the brand does its best to respect the planet and the environment.

Nolki’s ‘Notebook’ collection includes more than 10 different styles, and each one has a different thickness, design and lining to fit the personality of buyers.

All paper products are lovingly printed by specialists in the European Union. The brand uses the best suppliers in Italy and Germany, who are experts in making the products we design.

Plus, they keep their supply chains as short as possible, which reduces carbon emissions (the less distance a book has to travel, the better for the environment) and cuts down on the time it takes to turn a design into a solid journal on your desk.

The washi tape is produced by a specialized supplier in Guangdong, China. This supplier has the best technology and expertise to turn our designs into a great tape, and they care about the environment.

All suppliers use sustainably sourced papers, responsible production methods and are approved by certification programs such as FSC and PEFC and RoHS. In addition, to move products between suppliers, warehouses and stores, we always use carbon neutral transportation when available.

Discover the notebooks in pictures below and purchase the collection here.


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