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German band Noam Bar have released a new single titled “Inevitable Demise”, it is a song about the fear of opening up to people and showing weakness.


Do you know that feeling of having to stay strong because the past has shown you that what you are struggling with is too much to handle and will push people away? If yes, you might find yourself through “Inevitable Demise”.


Noam Bar’s sound can be characterised as “angry woman music” according to the band. Their songs are written by lead singer Noam Bar and deal with personal stories about an ex-husband, ex-boyfriends, ex=bosses and other survival experiences and bad choices. Blending a critical perspective with a touch of self-humour and irony, all together wrapped up in upbeat soulful grooves, they will make you either laugh, cry, dance or all of this.


The group include Tobias Reckfort on the drums, Nic Knoll on the bass, David Gerlach on keys, Laurenz Wenk on the saxophone and Noam Bar, vocalist and guitarist. Their style is a mix of R&B, hip-hop, rap with blues, jazz and pop.


“Inevitable Demise” has come with a music video in which the band made sure to include only female and non-binary protagonists from behind the camera to the front, in order to create a sense of security and intimacy.


The group’s dynamism and charisma on stage have earned them a name in the past few years in their hometown Hannover, Germany.


Watch their video for “Inevitable Demise” below:




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