German Musician Bulgarian Cartrader Releases New Song ‘A Different Kind Of Jump’

The debut album from Bulgarian Cartrader, titled Motor Songs is the product of countless hours spent in the studio, a tonne of notes that were transcribed every week from cell phone lists: occasionally a word, occasionally a maximum of one sentence, compiled melodies, Trigger words, and a lot of gut feelings and memories.

The album’s focus track “A Different Kind Of Jump”, after three acts of a highly trippy voyage, breaks the listener’s habits in a fun way: a four-line mantra.

Daniel Stoyanov, whose former band Malky is well-known, are the intelligent mind and poetic soul hiding behind the Bulgarian Cartrader image. Daniel has worked hard as a musician and songwriter for Solomun, rapper Casper, and the Berlin institution SEEED, and he also lists “Salsa dancer” on his resume. In between, he always keeps occupied.

With Bulgarian Cartrader, Daniel has created a persona that he primarily enjoys, but also has a lot of therapeutic potentials. According to them, “BCT is a role, a character, but it’s completely based on my personality. Some things are maybe a bit grotesque so that I can be more relaxed myself. The more I get something deformed – for example something macho-like – out of the character, the less it’s in my system afterward.

I’ve never been able to use the humor with which I want to make the character likable in other projects before, but that’s exactly what helps me now. As self-protection. The path is so difficult and rocky – if you don’t laugh at yourself, you break because of it, so you remain unaffected by the difficulty of the road.

The focal point of the album, however, is “A Different Kind of Jump,” a four-line mantra that spans three acts of a moderately psychedelic journey.

Bulgarian Cartrader has a unique set of right and bad coordinates that particularly matters to him in independent music: “Good indie music is actually like an impossible experiment: you lean a few objects against each other, which from a purely physical point of view shouldn’t hold each other up at all.

Listen and enjoy the new release “A Different Kind Of Jump” below!

#Peace.Love.Bulgarian Cartrader

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