New Orleans Band Tasche And The Psychedelic Roses Release ‘Happy Song’

New Orleans-based band Tasche And The Psychedelic Roses have released a new song titled “Happy Song” and the band describes the piece as “It’s a soundtrack for the moment – make out sessions, quiet contemplation, and fighting the demons around us.”

Tasche and the Psychedelic Roses, who were born in New Orleans, use grunge guitar riffs, punk, doo-wop, surf, cabaret, and psychedelic influences while balancing a fine line between sweetness and devastation. They also employ four-part vocal harmonies. Their new self-titled album features this distinct and potent sound. On the New Orleans-based label Sinking City Records, the self-titled album will be made available.

Tasche de la Rocha and Eric Heigle are the producers, and it was recorded at Studio In The Country in Bogalusa and Wixmix in New Orleans. Heigle is renowned for his work with artists such as Arcade Fire, Dr. John, 79rs Gang, Soul Rebels, and Lost Bayou Ramblers, among others. He also engineered the record.

Band leader and producer Tasche de la Rocha leads the Psychedelic Roses as they build, burn, and rise again throughout the 10 songs on their self-titled album. She is equally comfortable shredding over waves of distortion as one of the trio of guitarists in the ensemble known as The Angels, who come together in close harmony.

De la Rocha began her musical career as a young woman busking solo on the streets of New Orleans. She immediately gained notoriety for her distinctive voice and guitar sound and was even invited to perform at Laurie Anderson and Jennifer Coolidge‘s solo home concerts.

Joseph Faison and Tasche worked together on her critically praised solo debut album, 2016’s Gold Rose, from which the complete 8-piece ensemble Psychedelic Roses evolved.

Enjoy the music video for “Happy Song” below.


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