German Pop Duo I Want Poetry Release New Single ‘Superman’

German electropop duo I Want Poetry have released their new single titled “Superman”.

Strong female vocals and a robust beat characterize this empowering indie-pop ballad, which was produced by Roy Kerr, aka MyRiot. According to the duo, “Superman” shows us “that we are all heroes: standing up for ourselves, staying true to ourselves and holding on to what’s important to us – these are the real superpowers“.

It was no more than a matter of time before I Want Poetry went from being an insider tip to a force to be reckoned with within the German electropop scene, with their signature mix of cinematic dream pop, head-spinning soundscapes, and ethereal vocals. The duo is made up of singer-songwriter Tine von Bergen and pianist/composer Till Moritz Moll

Throughout their new songs, there’s a playful interplay of warmth, elegance, and glimmer of hope, like a thread that runs through them. I Want Poetry’s debut album Human Touch nominated for the German Songwriting Awards and European Songwriting Awards, captivated both German and International music blogs, and they’re working on their next project.

Among the acts and producers they work with are Kieron Menzies (Lana del Rey), Roy Kerr (London Grammar, Aurora), Rob Rox (Banks), and Michael Vajna (Malky), to mention a few.

Watch the video for their new single “Superman” below:


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