Indie Jazz Soul Songstress Jess Baldwin Returns With ‘April Fool’

American Indie jazz-soul singer-songwriter Jess Baldwin has released a new single titled “April Fool”, taken from her upcoming debut album ANIMA.

On “April Fool”, she examines her first steps out of experiences such as developmental and religiou trauma, which she opens up about on her album. ‘The Fool’ in the song symbolizes the beginning of a journey. It also symbolizes new beginnings, spontaneity, belief in the flow, and recapturing a sense of childlike wonder, according to Jess.

She explains that ‘The Fool’ is in many ways the exact opposite of how she would naturally live. It is generally better for her to take careful steps, with lots of research and preparation, keeping an eye out for potential pitfalls.

However, all that would change for Jess, when she graduated grad school and moved to a new city for a new job opportunity. She tool the new beginning to deconstruct her faith and fill her mind with potential.

Speaking about the creative process behind her new single and upcoming album, she confesses that, “It took me a long time to start writing songs because religious and developmental trauma can make it hard to speak your truth. My recovery and my songwriting have gone hand in hand. It can be hard to tell my story, but it’s worth it when it helps people feel less alone”.

With the music industry moving toward independent, fan-funded projects, Jessica is the latest musician taking to Kickstarter to release her music.

She further said “For years, fans have been asking when I would release my first album, and they totally showed up to help it happen. Crowdfunding wasn’t just a way to fund the album… it was a way to build a stronger relationship with my supporters. I’m so lucky to have such great people backing me, and I’m humbled by their support”.

Listen to “April Fool” here:


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