German Pup-Punk Band Grandma’s Boys Return With ‘Following Your Sleep’

Grandma’s Boys have announced the release of their new song, “Following Your Sleep,” on January 13.

Grandma’s Boys, a German pop punk band, unveiled their upcoming song five months after the release of their most recent hit, “Red Carpet.”

While “Following Your Sleep” seems to be a corny love song, it actually criticises social media voyeurism. It concerns a person who manages intense emotions on behalf of another individual.

These feelings deepen, become more obsessive, and push boundaries throughout the song. Metaphors throughout the song conceal its greater meaning, which is ultimately revealed in the music video that follows.

The group is the evolution of the hard-core group 38North, which was founded in 2011.
After more than six years, numerous performances, and the release of two EPs, the hardcore phase came to an end at some time, and Grandma’s Boys was created.

In 2017, Sven became the group’s new lead singer, completing their transition to pop-punk.
They discovered Dennis in the latter part of 2018 and were able to enlist him as their new guitarist.

The band’s previous music videos were made by Sinnesflut Film, who also directed, shot, and produced all of the visuals. Grandma’s Boys are close friends with Sinnesflut Film, a videographer who has already established a solid reputation.

The song honours the group’s pop-punk musical beginnings while preserving the angst that defines their sound.

Pandarian Empire Recordings, formerly known as the band’s guitarist Dennis Jay, produced, mixed, and mastered the track.

Listen and enjoy the new release “Following Your Sleep” below![/emnbed]


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