German Singer Amilli Releases ‘Suitable’ And Announces Debut Album

The new single from Amilli titled “Suitable,” is a sweet and catchy tune that showcases the young German singer’s talents.

Collaborating with Leo Müller-Klönne and London-based producer Dan Holloway, the song talks about a fleeting fling and features Amilli’s vocals soaring above a sugary guitar lick. It’s the perfect earworm that will linger in listeners’ heads long after the song ends.

In addition to the single, Amilli has announced the release of her highly anticipated debut album, SOAMI, set to be released on May 12, 2023.

The album is a personal project that Amilli produced primarily at her house and a vacation home in the countryside. It explores themes of long-distance relationships, stepping out of one’s comfort zone, and developing self-confidence. Amilli says that it’s a much more personal project than her early songs.

Over the past few years, Amilli has experienced a whirlwind of success, from winning the 1Live newcomer award to performing in front of millions of people and playing countless live shows. She has honed her craft through a number of EPs, and her debut album promises to be a highly mature and self-reflective work.

With “Suitable” as a taste of what’s to come, fans can’t wait to hear what Amilli has in store for them with SOAMI.

Listen to “Suitable” below!


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