US Rap Group HueMen Unveil New Single ‘King’

The highly anticipated debut single “King” from US rap group HueMen is now available, providing an upbeat and empowering message for listeners.

The rap group’s debut EP of the same name, set to be released on May 9 via CEREBRAL/Eternal Music Group, promises to be an exceptional entrance into the HueMen universe.

The title track “King” showcases industrially tinted synthesisers, pounding percussion, and a vocal performance by Rico NFinity that is intense and highly memorable. The song encourages listeners to claim their inner kingdom, acknowledging their value as individuals. NFinity explains, “King is a mentality, not just a position of power. The king comes before the crown.”

HueMen, a group of friends who came together during lockdown due to the pandemic, consists of a revolving cast of MCs, producers, and composers. As they navigated through tumultuous and uncertain times, including the COVID-19 pandemic and the mounting instances of police brutality and institutional racism, the group found solace and inspiration in their creative outlet.

The debut EP showcases the group’s talent and passion for creating music that is not only entertaining but also meaningful and empowering. HueMen is a group to watch out for, and fans are eagerly anticipating the release of their debut EP on May 9.

Listen to the new single “King” below and get ready to be blown away by the talented and inspiring HueMen.


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