Gina Livia Reveals Stripped Down Version Of ‘In My Head’ | Music News


Introducing 24-year old German singer and songwriter Gina Livia with a brand new acoustic version of her new single “In My Head“.


Hailing from the small town Wangen im Allgäu, Gina has been playing piano and guitar from a young age, with her love for music shaping how she understands herself and the world around her.


Fast forward to 2020 and Gina is now known for her heavenly lyricism and solace filled vocal performances, as she has blossomed within the electro pop soundscape; expertly blending a pop appeal with the poetic sensibility of her singer songwriter core.


Describing her songs as self-therapy sessions that unveil the intimate atmosphere of her comforting and warm nature, her voice will make you feel every word and connect you emotionally to what she is saying, as if she were singing to you right in front of your living room.


Speaking about the inspiration behind the single, Gina Livia says, “feeling left out, feeling different and lonely. that’s what this song is about. trying to fit in, trying to find a place, outside of your head, in the real world, whatever this may mean.


too scared to let yourself fall in love, too scared to let yourself feel, to let yourself be, the only place which gives you warmth and security is inside of your head. ‘where in this world am i supposed to be, it’s what i’m scared of in most of my dreams’ because sometimes i think there will never be a right spot, the right time, the right anything.


it’s just about figuring it out, about floating and not drowning. in the original version of ‘in my head’ the mellow-feeling was a bit covered because of the production, but with this special and personal stripped version i really let my guard down. it’s written and recorded by me and produced by the wonderful Tez Cadey“.




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