Gina Rodriguez To Star In ‘Annihilation’ Adaptation From ‘Ex Machina’ Director | Film News



Novelist and screenwriter turned filmmaker Alex Garland is looking to adapt science-fiction, horror book Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeerGarland has already picked out Natalie Portman for the lead role and now he’s looking to fill the rest of his cast beginning with Gina Rodriguez who starred in Jane the Virgin.


In Annihilation, four women are sent on an expedition into the quarantined zone of the U.S. called “Area X”. They were not the first expedition to the zone, with many teams either going missing, insane or returning dying of cancer. Along with Natalie Portman and Rodriguez, Frances McDormand (Fargo) will also co-star, though other than Portman the other acting roles have not been specified.


The first in a trilogy of books (The Southern Reach Trilogy), Annihilation will commence shooting in spring next year. As someone who has not only read Alex Garland‘s novels, loved the films he’s written for, like Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later and Sunshine, and was amazed by his directorial debut Ex Machina, I’m really excited to see how Annihilation turns out.





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