Girl In Red Make TV Debut With Energetic Performance On ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ | Music News


22-year-old Norwegian Girl In Red (also known as Marie Ulven) made her first appearance on US TV on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon recently.


She has been making queer alt-pop jams for about four years now but she is just starting to touch the American consciousness. Last week, on April 30, she released her first full-length debut album If I Could Make It Go Quiet.


On The Tonight Show, she performed her track “Serotonin” which is the lead single and opening track of her debut album. The song was produced by FINNEASBillie Eilish‘s brother and collaborator. Its sound could be described as halfway between Twenty One Pilots and Clairo.


The show presented a remotely recorded performance where we can first see Ulven singing to a camera while walking through what seems to be an abandoned industrial wasteland. Then she rushes into a warehouse-type building in a blue light where her band appears behind her.


About the single “Serotonin”, we can find Ulven’s personal lyrics about mental health joined with electrics guitars, percussions, and electronic sounds. Ulven is singing a sticky chorus with a rhythm that will stay in your mind. The song is ending with Norwegian lyrics.


In an interview with NME, Girl In Red revealed that even if she just released her debut album she was already prepared to work on new materials. “I just want to sit down and make a new record,” she said.


Putting out a record is such a big statement nowadays. You gotta have something that’s worth checking out and I’m lowkey tired of singles. I am lowkey tired of just getting a song here and there, I just want to get a body of work from someone.


Whatever I want that I’m not getting, I want to give that to others. If I’m making some merch, I want to make something that I would wear. With anything in the Girl In Red project I just want to be thoughtful. With the music, I just want to put out a record because that’s what I want


Watch Girl In Red’s performance here:




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