Glamour And Elegance Exemplify The Unforgettable Outfits At 2024 Oscar Awards

As the previous Oscars edition surprised us with a champagne-coloured rug that sent shock waves through Hollywood, this year, the red carpet returned to its traditional red. But this subtle change did not diminish the radiance of the stars who trod this iconic path, adorned in creations as bold as they were sumptuous.

From floating gowns to impeccable tuxedos, each outfit was a statement of style and sophistication. Actors and actresses vied for elegance and glamour, creating an unforgettable visual spectacle.

This year, black took center stage on the red carpet of the 2024 Oscars, symbolizing both timeless chic and audacity. Margot Robbie captivated onlookers with a sparkling black Versace gown, enhanced with a sculptural bustier.

Similarly, Billie Eilish dazzled in a daring Chanel ensemble, pairing a black suit jacket with a tweed midi skirt, revealing a delicate white shirt with subtle volumes.

As for Rita Moreno, she made a grand entrance in a long black dress adorned with delicate floral motifs, lending her outfit a touch of unique sophistication.

Among the stars who illuminated the evening, Vanessa Hudgens radiated with her radiant presence, accentuating her baby bump with an elegant dress, evoking a long, delicate silhouette, glided gracefully across the floor.

Lupita Nyong’o commanded attention in a pastel lavender-blue Armani Privè body-hugging dress, adorned with rhinestones and delicate fringes evoking the lightness of bird feathers, adding a magical dimension to her already dazzling look.

Hand in hand, like royalty on the red carpet, Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade made a notable entrance. Gabrielle shone in a sparkling dress with structured lines, with a hourglass silhouette enhancing her natural grace. As for Dwayne, he sported a black and white bicolor suit, enhanced with subtle details on the jacket such as canvas-backed lapel and 6 buttons, complemented by a matching bowtie.

Once again, Eva Longoria mesmerized onlookers with her timeless splendor, illuminating the red carpet in a strapless black velvet gown by Tamara Ralph. Equally dazzling, Emma Stone stole the spotlight in a Louis Vuitton dress adorned with shell prints and a mint sorbet hue.

And then, Zendaya added a touch of tropical freshness with a rose silk gown by Armani Privè, embellished with a palm tree print. Her confident and graceful presence on the red carpet once again confirmed her status as an icon of elegance.

Overall, the outfits of the 2024 Oscars not only captivated attention but also set new standards of style and elegance for the years to come.

Below, find all the best looks from the 2024 Oscars red carpet.


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