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Glycerin is a Seattle based duo who is emerging firmly in the shoegaze futuristic scene. Their peculiar sounds sit between alt-rock’s past and alt-pop’s future without a certain belonging, abandoning themselves to their musical inspiration.


The collaboration consists in the guitarist and producer Casper Slate who plays alongside with producer James Wayne, together they mix two personal individual influences which orient their music to shoegaze and ambient beat. Glycerin will establish officially their fame with the launch of their debut “Wish I Was You” and “Nothing Lasts” is the second single.


The song “Nothing Lasts” opens and develops its sounds like a fire burning steadily, reaching its peak once the drums begins beating. Then the melodies leave space to the soft voice of the singer who spreads a deep sadness and hopeless melancholy. The heavy post-punk riff of guitar meets modern electronics while it shines with synthesizers and electro-beats. It is a deep and dark tune which has the power to elevate the music to blissful peaks.


In fact, the song is mostly inspired by producer / guitarist Casper Slate’s struggle with a mysterious seizure disorder. “A song about the bittersweet feeling when you become aware of the temporary state of life – and finding beauty in the impermanence of everything“.


Listen to the song below:




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