Gold Blend Releases New Single ‘Don’t Trip’ Featuring Franky Rose

Gold Blend has returned with a brand new banger titled “Don’t Trip”. This time the single is featuring Franky Rose.

Gold Blend already received massive support from BBC Introducing – where every upload was played on the radio, and he also appeared in a Live From Home session in his dressing gown and slippers, in which he has proclaimed himself as the “best rapper in the South West“.

“Don’t Trip” is a song that is here to remind us to keep on pushing forwards, no matter what life is throwing at us. On your way to achieve your goals, you will always encounter some setbacks and friction, and it will definitely not always be easy. However, you don’t want to let things stop you permanently.

The single has a rhythmic melody which is enforced by the two rappers’ flows. You will be transported by this song and will hit the replay button right after the first listen.

Gold Blend started making beats at college just after a knee injury stopped him playing football for 9 months. Even if he was first inspired by US rappers such as Jay-Z and Kanye West, he soon developed a taste for UK talent like Kano, Chip and Skepta.

Soon after starting making beats, it progressed in songwriting. After college, music took a back seat, the rapper explained: “I’d always pick it back up every few months and write a new beat or rap. You don’t forget about something you’re so passionate about.

Thanks to the lockdown with its spare time accompanied by a friend’s encouragement, Gold Blend starting brewing beats and bars and hasn’t looked back since.

Franky Rose is a “small village” boy but who has a big musical family – as well as a big voice – and he grew up listening to his Dad’s daily living room concerts.

Listen to this magnificent collaboration of Gold Blend and Franky Rose for their single “Don’t Trip” here:

Photo Credit: Hannah Barnes


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