Golden Globes Change Rules On Comedy After ‘The Martian’ Win | Film News

The Martian Golden Globes


If you were left scratching your head when The Martian was nominated for (and won) the Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture in a Musical or Comedy, then you’re not alone.


Many others have agreed with the theory that self-operation, psychological torment, abandonment and death aren’t exactly cornerstones of an Adam Sandler movie. As a result of The Martian‘s controversial win back in January, films will no longer be allowed to enter whichever category they choose.


The Golden Globes’ organisers, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, have announced that the rules have now been changed and that “dramas with comedic overtones should be entered as dramas.


At the time of the controversial win, the result upset filmmakers such as Judd Apatow, whose Trainwreck lost out because of it. He later called out Matt Damon at the Critic’s Choice Awards, stating from the podium “We only have one award Matt, that’s all we get. I’m like a nerd on the schoolyard and you stole my milk money.


The Comedic category change is not the only one to affect the Golden Globes for 2017, as it has been announced that studios will no longer be allowed to wine and dine voters between the nomination announcement and the final ceremony.



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