Jesse Williams And Nicole Beharie Take A Trip In New ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ | Film News

Jacob's Ladder


Jacob’s Ladder recently announced that David M. Rosenthal was set to direct and that Michael Ealy was set to take the lead role. It has now been announced that Grey’s Anatomy‘s Jesse Williams and Sleepy Hollow‘s Nicole Beharie will join the team for the psychological drama. Their roles are currently unknown but it is suggested that Williams’ role in particular is important.


The original Jacob’s Ladder told the tale of Vietnam Veteran, Jacob Singer, as he attempts to uncover his past whilst experiencing strange and horrifying hallucinations. Rather than being a complete remake, Rosenthal’s film can be considered an extension to the 1990 Adrian Lyne classic in that it will not recant the events of the first film, but instead carry on its basis to new characters and situations.


Although we do not have the specifics of these new settings, the screenplay is written by Jeff Buhler and Sarah Thorp; a mark of impressive pedigree. Shooting is due to begin next month but there is currently no set release date.



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