‘Gotham’ Season 2 Episode 16: Prisoners | TV Review



As predicted this episode turned to an underwhelming prison drama. Insert exacerbated sigh here.


Jim Gordon (Ben McKensie) may be wrongly accused as a cop killer but he is still a murderer after killing Theo Galavan. Prison is where he deserves to be so connecting with this episode on an emotional level is impossible. This is worsened by the off screen happenings to Leigh (Morena Baccarin) further removing any potential emotional weight.


Gotham is boring when Gordon does not have the colourful supporting cast around him and he just looks sad as he goes through his prison routine. Prison cliches aplenty follow and things happen including an inevitable escape plan.


Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) can’t even rescue this episode as he is lumbered with a lazy uninteresting predictable family plot.


So for me Gotham may have finally wondered into the realm of no return. Let’s see how the Riddler storyline is most likely rushed to a conclusion next week.



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